On the spot

Our daily’s special to taste in our shop: CHF 13.—taxes incl.

Enjoy a large selection of cooked dishes to reasonable prices.
A friendly atmosphere for generous and good meals.

Take away

Our daily’s special to take away:
CHF. 12.—taxes incl.

The same choice, reasonable prices, to take away and enjoy where ever you wish.


Discover our large selection of cooked meals every day, from Monday to Friday, from 11h.00 am onwards. Enjoy on the spot or take it away.

A daily’s special is planed for every day of the week all year through. You will find the offer on our Internet site. (Menu of the week enclosed). Subscribe to our mailing list to receive our monthly offer.

Apart from the daily special, you find every day a choice between 5 types of meat, 7 vegetables, 3 types of starchy food.

Home made desert: CHF 4.—

Coffee: CHF 2.50

Location & access

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TPG Schedule:
line 15
line 17